Go for the Green Trend With One of These Bright Bags

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Spring weather might seem like nothing more than a dream at this point, but I assure you that the warmer months are coming. Sifting through all of the new arrivals on my favorite online shopping destinations is one of the ways I remind myself that happier and sunnier days are to come. All of the newness that’s been popping up lately seems like a breath of fresh air, and I don’t know about you, but I am falling completely head over heels for all of the color I’ve been spotting. From blues and purples to pinks and reds, it seems like color in general is one of the biggest ways to switch it up this spring, and after a year of so much sadness I am all for it. Though at this point it feels like the usage of our bags has become less and less, if you’re anything like me than you’ll never stop carrying them altogether because after all, our bags are more than just bags. So if you’re ready to expand your collection this year you’ll want to look no further than one of the biggest color trends for spring: all things green, particularly bright, bold hues of this earthy tone. I would have never considered this color bag before, but Bottega Veneta alone has changed my view on this unlikely hue. If you prefer a more understated option, there are deeper shades available to you too. Below I’ve rounded up some of my favorite finds. Are you ready to go green or would you rather pass these by?

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