How to Choose the Perfect Handbag

So you decided to invest in a new handbag for yourself. What style, shape, size, color and price will make up the perfect handbag for you anyway? Are you looking for a well recognized brand name handbag. With so many styles out there how do you chose?

Well, to start with, you need to figure out what your budget is for your new perfect handbag. You could spend very little money to thousands and I mean thousands of dollars on a new one. Figure out how much you can invest in a handbag and I really mean invest for some. If you are looking at many of the well known designer handbags, you may be talking thousands of dollars. For some, these bags are well worth the money, for others they may not be.

Next, decide if you want last years models or the brand new fresh out for the season bags. This will make a difference in the price. Believe it or not, designers actually will put last years bags on sale through their websites and you can also find them on sale at top of the line department stores too! Many times the styles don’t change much. They may just change the colors offered or a buckle or shape of their bags.

Then, take a look at style, shape, size and color. Look for a style that fits your personality and style of clothing that you usually wear. Decide if you will wear the bag daily or just for certain or special occasions. This will help you decide what type of fabric you would like your handbag to be. If you are looking for a bag that will get a ton of wear and tear, I would advise a leather bag. Leather is very classic looking and usually very versatile. Many fabrics can also withstand some wear and tear on them. On the other hand, straw bags are great but you need to be a bit more careful with them as they cannot usually stand as much wear and tear as leather and other fabrics.

The size of the bag is also very important to many womens wardrobe. If you are a very thin person, sometimes a huge bag looks a little different when you carry them. On the other hand, if you body shape is a bit larger, you may get away with some of the larger styles. For example, I have seem some stars who are ninety five pounds soak and wet carrying a huge bag worth thousands and they actually look a little ridiculous. And the color of your perfect handbag really just depends on what you are looking for. The old white before labor day is really no longer an issue. Of course, I would pick a color which is pretty versatile with most of your clothing.

If you are looking to choose the perfect handbag, ask yourself how much you can really afford on a bag. Look closely at style, size and color that best fits you and the clothes you wear most often and be aware of impersonations. Just be careful when you are buying handbags online because they could be a fake or knockoff of the famous designer bags and good luck choosing the perfect handbag.

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