The Perfect Handbag – How to Find It!

A woman’s handbag is much more than just a place to put our keys, wallet, hairbrush, etc. It is an expression of our personality, of how we want to portray ourselves to the world. Just like with shoes, men often can’t understand why we need several different purses, but as women, we know the power that the perfect handbag can bring. For days that we need to be practical, a classic black handbag is appropriate. For a romantic evening out, something a little smaller and glitzier, and for change of pace when we’re feeling stuck in a rut, a handbag that is bold and colorful does wonders to lift our mood. In recent years, designer handbags have gotten all the attention, and with good reason. They are gorgeous, well made, and highly sought after. But as gas prices go up, and job security goes down, many women simply can’t justify spending several hundred dollars on a designer bag. Without the signature status symbol of whatever your favorite designer brand may be, how do you choose from the thousands of styles and colors out there? Here are some tips:

1. If you are looking for an everyday handbag, stick with neutral colors. Neutral colors no longer have to be black or brown; they can be gold, bronze, silver, some shades of green, gray or some combination of these. Think about what you have in your closet, and determine what kinds of colors you wear most often. Do you mostly wear black? If you want completely practical, stick with your classic black. But if you want to stay neutral, yet stand out from the crowd; go with a silver or gray, or even a neutral shade of green. If classic black is too boring for you, go for something fabulous in a shiny silver handbag.

2. If you frequently change your handbag depending on what you’re wearing, the sky’s the limit for you. You don’t want one “go with everything” bag; you want a selection of styles to go with your mood. Once you have the basic neutral, go crazy with the rest of your handbag wardrobe. This Melie Bianco Double Pocket Cargo Bag in turquoise is the perfect bag to pack a punch when paired with the right outfit. Don’t be scared of color, just make sure you keep your outfit relatively simple when going this bold.

3. Go ahead and give in to the trends. Giraffe prints are super hot this season, but they are subtle enough that they don’t scream “I will be so out of style next year; you won’t know what hit you”. A subtle giraffe print bag in black is trendy, but can still have a classic shape and neutral colors to even out the trend factor.

4. Whatever you end up buying, make sure you love it! There are so many styles and colors to choose from, you are bound to find something that screams “buy me!!”. When you find that perfect handbag for you ,the compliments will start pouring in, and you will feel like your outfit is complete.

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